Do small small dogs rule?

Updated: Jan 6

I am an appreciator of all dogs (well maybe some more than others) but in general I say, Yes to Dogs.

I do however have a small dog gripe: I can sum it up in following sentence: "If you don't have 100% command control of your dog, don't let it off lead."

The other day I had my dog on lead at the park. We were enjoying an early morning walk, warm sunny day, life is good. Then another dog owned person enters the park, looks at me, snaps their dog off lead. Immediately their dog makes a bee line for us and proceeds to attack my dog.

The calls to little snuggles are to no avail. After a number of seconds, I give my dog a little lead slack, and allow her to warn the little aggressor to, 'back up the bus.' Little snuggles gets the message and runs back to their person.

If I behaved like that as a large dog owned person, I'd have vet bills, a muzzled dog or worse euthanised. And labelled 'bad dog owner'.

My dog has had numerous small dog attacks over the past four years. She now suffers nervous aggression when seeing one approach her, even on the other side of the street.

Yes, it's cute to see their ears flying in the wind and bodies moving powerfully without the lead.

However, if this might mean your little sweetie pie is at risk of becoming a snack dog, well, that would be terrible for everyone.

If in doubt of complete command control then leash to keep our small and big dogs safe.

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