Stories are for everyone
Storytelling helps us create standing places.  Spaces where we can explore who we are. Where we come from and what it is we believe to be true. We get to explore the fantastic, the mundane, whatever it is we want! I have gathered some of my words, prose, and poems into various stages. 

The Rascally Stars is a picture book I have written and illustrated especially for 0-5 year olds. It has rhythm, large easy to follow print, and a repeated story song that keeps our littlies engaged. 

Now available as a downloadable pdf in my shop. 
Make a Splash 
Make a Splash has been born from my need to respond to youth suicide. One of my daughters had two serious suicide attempts, I responded to this painful experience with my art.

Make a Splash is a hands on art journal for young people. A place to stick stuff, write, paint and print. Each chapter has a creative focus on everyday issues: relationships, self-talk, bullying, and cultivating the real you.

Make a Splash is in the final design stage. So excited watching this getting closer to being print ready! 
Finding Grandpa's Song
When Grandpa comes to stay Ruby is excited. Grandpa and Ruby are great friends and enjoy spending time with each other. As time goes on Ruby notices Grandpa is starting to forget things. Ruby learns Grandpa has dementia and discovers ways to help him. 

Finding Grandpa’s Song is an educational picture book for children about dementia. Music Moves Me Trust contacted me to illustrate. Grace Wyatt and I worked on the words for Music Moves Me Trust. Finding Grandpa’s Song has been printed and will be for sale soon.