Marble Surface

The Rascally Stars 

Looking for a new bedtime story?

Suitable for ages 0 - 5 and early readers.

The 25-page full-colour pdf follows Royal and Wade's rollicking adventures.


Their adventures take them from one end of the night sky to the other. Until finally they slip off the night sky path and down into Pukemiro School Park.   


How will Royal and Wade get out of this mess!  Download now to find out.


Download for $5.00 nzd

The Rascally Stars is an engaging downloadable picture book.


The easy rhythm of the little stars' nighttime adventures soon has your children following along with the repeating song and sounds. 


This book looks wonderful when opened on your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Each page was hand-made using paper, acrylic paint, scissors, and glue. The texture can be clearly seen in this eBook format.


Marble Surface

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